As Spring approaches It’s time to check the condition of stains and varnish on exterior woodwork.

How To Maintain Your Deck House Exterior Wood Surfaces

Originally Posted on March 27, 2014 by Steve Kay on the Deck/Acorn Blog

Conservatory Remodel

The application of exterior and interior finishes is crucial to the appearance and durability of your Deck House. On going maintenance will protect and lengthen the life of your home.
Exterior wood surfaces, including window frames and doors, must be treated on a regular basis. If your doors and windows have not been sealed or sealed improperly, the wood can expand and contract allowing water and air into your home. This can cause premature failure of the component and possible structural damage to your home. Examine your house annually and recoat all exposed wood as required, before any deterioration occurs. In extreme conditions, where materials are exposed to excessive sunlight or salt air and spray, wood may need to be treated more often than is suggested in this blog. Many times stains may look to be in good condition even after they have stopped protecting the wood. Water should bead and run off, not soak into a stain that is in good condition.

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