NESEA Tour of Third Floor Two Family Residence in Cold Spring, NY

Friday December 6 the North Eastern Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) will tour our recent project in Cold Spring New York.  For more information follow the link below. If you are interested to attend please register with NESEA

Breaking ground: 1 Brave Scout Trail Residence, Nelsonville, NY

March 14, 2018

Clearing and excavation for Net Zero and Living Building Challenge residence, Nelsonville, NY

All materials stored on site for productive use. Trees cut to length for milling with lumber available for project use. Mulch for landscaping. Firewood for wood heat.


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1968 Deck House Restoration

April 2017: Pepper Pond Deck House (1968) restoration in progress, Sherman CT. Design by Barbara Eyler, Benjamin Fiering, Eli Weiner. A Third Floor Project #Thirdfloor #DeckHouse

photo by Ben Fiering

Pepper Pond K1 April 2017
Pepper Pond Deck House (Original construction 1968) restoration in progress, [Scope of work: replace footings and post piers, replace all posts, repair or replace deck substructure as needed, Remove and process, reclaim and replace decking. Handrail stanchions custom white oak. Cap rail reclaimed Mahogany. Roof built up and insulated to r, 50 Hunter Panel Polisosanurate insulation. Retrim roof. Add Copper gutter. Site work and drainage to come. ] April 2017. A Third Floor Corporation project. Design Team Barbara Eyler, Benjamin Fiering, Eli Weiner. Carpentry and structural repair by Gedi Bruce, Mathew Kane, Eli Weiner #Thirdfloor #Deck House
photo by Ben Fiering

Pepper Pond Deck House restoration Sherman CT. Credits as above.

Off-Grid Octagonal Tiny House, Greene County New York

This octagonal tiny house was a design build project of Third Floor Corporation. It has field built cross laid laminated beams as wind bracing. The roof is both insulated and vented. It is heated by a small wood stove. The electrical system is a direct wired 12 volt direct current. The photovoltaic collectors power a marine grade electrical components and devices such as might be found on a small yacht.
The house was designed as an isolated a writer’s study. It is about one half mile from the nearest hard surfaced road.

Off Grid octagonal cabin PV solar, with wood heat. Greenville NY.
Off Grid octagonal cabin PV solar, with wood heat. Greenville NY.